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Welcome to BombaYo

BombaYo, a youth project dedicated to preserving the rich Afro Puerto Rican tradition of Bomba.

took its name from several meanings of YO
Yo, is "I" in Spanish, or self -
"I am Bomba"
English slang to call one's attention, as in
"Hey, it's Bomba"
, short in English from Your,
"Your Bomba"

Bomba was developed in Puerto Rico over 300 years ago by enslaved Africans from parts of
West Africa and the Kongo region and also includes influences from the Spanish colonizers and native Taino people.  Bomba is more of an experience than a show.  It's where singing, dancing and drumming come together in a community celebration of life.  Boricuas on the island and stateside are reviving this tradition and in turn uncovering part of their cultural heritage. 

Available for: Performances, Presentations, Lecture demonstration, Community events, Social gathering

   Contact # 347-310-0583